The South Bend Clinic and Allied Physicians of Michiana Announce Merger

Published Monday, June 1, 2020

The South Bend Clinic and Allied Physicians of Michiana announced today that they are joining forces through a merger. “We are excited to announce our partnership to create a greater value for our patients and the community.” The announcement was made jointly by Dr. Brad Scott, Board President of the South Bend Clinic, and Dr. Tim Noveroske, Board Chair of Allied Physicians of Michiana. Both physicians referenced the tangible, cost-saving benefits of the merger for area healthcare consumers.

“As physicians, collectively we believe there are substantial patient benefits to be derived through in an independent, physician led, multi-specialty model of care, that this merger will help to preserve,” said Scott. “This model is focused on providing greater value for patients and employers alike.”

According to Noveroske, “Area employers are looking for lower healthcare costs and the industry is looking to independent providers to guide improvements that drive down the cost of care.”

A recent study from Ball State University noted that Indiana has some of the highest healthcare costs in the nation, a factor that will negatively impact our community’s ability to attract new businesses to the area. “If our community is not growing, it’s more difficult for us to recruit new independent physicians to the area,” noted Kelly Macken-Marble, South Bend Clinic CEO. She added, “Without an independent option for care, the economics tell us that healthcare costs go up.”

Both organizations are recognized for their teams of highly reputable physicians and preferred community providers. Going forward, the combined leadership team expects this collaboration will result in less duplication of resources, enhanced coordination of care, shared costs, greater facility utilization and a competitive model for recruitment