Tribune to Relocate to Studebaker Campus

Published Monday, November 11, 2019

After 98 years at the corner of Colfax Avenue and Lafayette Boulevard, the South Bend Tribune will soon move its offices less than a mile south — to a former Studebaker assembly plant — as it adapts to a changing media landscape.

The Tribune this week will start temporarily relocating to Union Station, 506 W. South St, near Four Winds Field. A few months later, The Tribune is slated to move to its permanent home nearby: the former Studebaker main assembly plant at 635 S. Lafayette Blvd., part of entrepreneur Kevin Smith’s Renaissance District technology park.

The move, which opens the existing Colfax Avenue structure to new development opportunities, covers a small distance geographically. But it brings together The Tribune, a legacy company in South Bend that is shifting to a technology-driven future, and a project to transform the remnants of another legacy company into a technology-driven hub.

Smith said The Tribune fits “perfectly” into his Renaissance District vision.

“They are like so much of our ecosystem,” Smith said. The Tribune “has to be fully redefined and is going through a metamorphic process. I built this campus as tech-infused real estate because every business, no matter who you are or what you do, is going to have to figure out how to absorb technology in their product set.”

Another change came in January, when New York-based GateHouse Media bought The Tribune from locally based Schurz Communications, whose forebears founded the paper in 1872. Gatehouse opted not to buy the Tribune building and has been leasing it from Schurz while searching for a smaller, more efficient space. GateHouse now also is in the process of merging with another large publisher, Gannett.

Source: Read the full story by Jeff Parrott in the South Bend Tribune