Chamber Identifies Two Key State Legislative Priorities

Published Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The 2019 legislative session of the Indiana General Assembly is underway. Over the next four months, the legislature will vigorously debate key initiatives and the state budget.

The Chamber has two major priorities and need your help advancing those priorities. Please reach out to your legislator and ask them to support:

1. $150M in funding for Regional Cities 2.0.
Remind them of the success of the Regional Cities program, how in our region the State’s $42M investment helped catalyze almost $700M of new investment, and more importantly, inspired regional collaboration and the development of our first-ever regional economic development plan.

Our area, and other parts of Indiana, can really take advantage of an expanded program, a program of which Ball State says, to date, has yielded a $9 return on every $1 of State investment. When legislators tell you they just don’t have enough money to fund this priority, tell them you believe they can find the money, that Indiana needs to make economic development funding a higher priority if it really wants to drive economic growth and attract top talent.

2. The establishment of a Regional Development Tax Credit.
Senate Bill 601 (Mishler). This tool could catalyze the redevelopment of key properties in town that have long been vacant and complicated to redevelop, like the former Studebaker Administration Building, Lafayette Building and the 100 Center. This tool would put another tool in the toolbox and help developers receive a tax credit of up to 20% to advance important redevelopment projects.

There are a couple of similar proposals. Encourage our delegation to support Senator Mishler’s bill, Senate Bill 601.

Though it's early in the session for both priorities, it's important legislators understand the priorities and work to incorporate both objectives into final legislation and the budget. We’ve made it simple. Please see emails below with links for email addresses to each of our local delegation. Thank you for your help!

Senator Ryan Mishler

Senator David Niezgodski

Senator Linda Rogers

Senator Mike Bohacek

Representative B. Patrick Bauer

Representative Ross Deal

Representative Dale DeVon

Representative Ryan Dvorak

Representative Tim Wesco