ChamberPAC Makes Endorsements
in County & School Board Races

Published Friday, November 2, 2018

ChamberPAC, the South Bend Regional Chamber’s Political Action Committee, is endorsing candidates in county and South Bend School Board races for the November 6 Election. ChamberPAC-endorsed candidates include:

Andy Kostielney, St. Joseph County Commissioner, District 1
Robert “Bobby K” Kruszynski, St. Joseph County Council, District A
Corey Noland, St. Joseph County Council, District B
Dick Pfeil, St. Joseph County Council, District C
Brian Pawlowski, St. Joseph County Council, District H
John Pinter, South Bend Community School Corporation Board, District 1
Stan Wruble III, South Bend Community School Corporation Board, District 2.

“Through our nonpartisan Political Endorsement Committee, we have carefully evaluated and endorsed candidates for local offices. Only one other chamber in Indiana does this, and only a handful across the country do,” said Jeff Rea, president and CEO of the South Bend Regional Chamber. “The Chamber’s involvement isn’t because it likes politics, but instead, because it knows good leaders lead to good public policy, and good public policy leads to economic growth.”

The evaluation committee dives into each candidate, reviewing the skills and abilities they bring to the position they are seeking in candidate questionnaires and/or interviews.

The Chamber believes St. Joseph County has made some great progress in recent years despite some of the biggest budgetary challenges ever faced by a unit of government. County leaders have had to change the way they do business and find new innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver the public services our businesses and citizens demand. That progress has been in large part because of the strong leadership of Commissioner Andy Kostielney, and ChamberPAC believes he has charted an exciting course for the county’s future and has demonstrated the leadership skills necessary to lead county government efforts.

Councilmen Corey Noland and Robert Kruszynski have both played key roles advancing county interests and in balancing the difficult budget challenges encountered by the county and prioritizing the delivery of services. Both have been hard workers, active participants, are easily accessible, and have demonstrated a willingness to work with and across the aisle and with other elected officials on improving the business climate. Both are deserving of another term.

Councilman Dick Pfeil and Candidate Brian Pawlowski are relative newcomers to county government, but neither is a stranger to working with the public sector. Pfeil has admirably filled the shoes of former Councilman Jamie O’Brien, who stepped down earlier this year. He has brought his many years of business leadership skills to his new council post. We believe he has the business background and experience to help implement important changes where necessary while, at the same time, balancing the interests of the business community. We believe he deserves a full term.

Brian Pawlowski has played a key role in recent years in South Bend’s turnaround, serving as the city’s director of community investment. His economic development experience, together with his role in education with the Garatoni Foundation and his military experience, have us convinced he has the right skills and will be a great asset to the council at a time when economic development will play such a critical role in the county’s future.

John Pinter is the owner of Pinter Consulting, the executive director of the United Religious Community of St. Joseph County, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame. This seat is an open seat; the incumbent chose not to seek re-election. Pinter is the father of three South Bend Community School Corporation graduates. He currently teaches board governance and leadership classes, which the Chamber believes gives him a strong understanding of the role of effective board leadership and prepares him well for a role on the board.

Stan Wruble is the current district 2 representative and is the current president of the school board. He is a lawyer in South Bend and a law professor at the University of Notre Dame. The ChamberPAC believes Wruble has done an excellent job during his time on the board and should be re-elected. Wruble has provided strong and sound leadership through some difficult corporation decisions and has made hard choices that we believe help better position the corporation for long-term success. He has also worked hard to make sure all kids in South Bend have access to quality educational opportunities.

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