Coordinator of apprenticeship programs

Ivy Tech Community College

Industry: Higher education
220 Dean Johnson Blvd
South Bend, IN 46601

Job Description:

The Coordinator of Apprenticeship Programs will assist in the internal day-to-day operation of the relationship between the Building Trades and Industrial apprenticeship programs being served at the campus. This may include facilitating enrollment and/or customizing course offerings to meet related educational requirements for apprentices and journeypersons seeking upgrade training.

Support activities to grow the industrial and construction trade apprenticeship programs. Work with academic chairs to recruit, select, and orient faculty with appropriate academic credentials for the general education component of the programs. Coordinate appropriate curriculum needs to accomplish related training goals of company-sponsored apprenticeship programs. Coordinate the enrollment of Building Trades and Industrial apprenticeship students including but not limited to communications with students and trade organizations, course creation, registration, financial tracking and data entry and coordination for any DOL/DWD requirements. Provide counseling to apprenticeship students to resolve curriculum, book, enrollment, and other issues that may arise for students, ensuring students’ progress through the program. Assist in the development of grants, the financial tracking and account management function of any pertinent grants. May develop grant applications for funding to support training, particularly for apprenticeship related training. Coordinate the process of transfer for interested apprenticeship graduates. Collect and organize data required to meet contractual obligations. Communicates with industry/company representatives regarding students’ progress to allow for timely supports by sponsors. This is not to be construed as an exhaustive list. Other duties logically associated with this position may be assigned. All responsibilities will be conducted within the parameters of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), other applicable regulatory requirements, and professional standards.

Job Requirements:

Associate’s degree. Two (2) years related experience in one or more of the following areas: apprenticeship programs or journeyperson status, enrollment and registration, adult education or curriculum and programming. Must possess an ability and a willingness to travel in the performance of assigned duties. Ability to promote an inclusive environment that reflects the broad diversity and backgrounds represented by our students and employees and which every individual feels respected and valued.

Skills/Keywords: apprenticeship, industrial, construction, enrollment
Compensation: $37,000

To Apply for this position:

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