PT Security

Ivy Tech Community College

Industry: Higher education
220 Dean Johnson Blvd
South Bend, IN 46601

Job Description:

Responsible for the security of the main campus building and parking lot. Reports to the Director of Security.

1. Provides security of halls and building if non-students enter or if emergency assistance is required by students or faculty at the main campus. 

2. Provides security in the parking lot at the main campus. 

3. Writes up any incidents needing reporting and communicates with local police about the incident. 

4. Delivers daily receipts from the Business Office and Bookstore to bank for deposit. 

5. Performs other duties as assigned consistent with commonly accepted practices.

Job Requirements:

GED or high school diploma. Previous law enforcement or security experience.

Skills/Keywords: Security, police.
Compensation: $12.00 per hour

To Apply for this position:

apply at 

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