Sisters of the Holy Cross

Company Overview: The Sisters of the Holy Cross provide residential living where the mission and core values of the Congregation and the philosophy of person directed living is fostered. Small communities encourage sisters to express their spiritual, emotional and physical needs without judgement. Sisters are supported in making individual choices about their daily routine and services they wish to receive. Building on the strengths of each individual, diversity and differences are celebrated and through validation, creative and innovative solutions are possible.
Industry: Non-Profit
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Job Description:

A companion provides in home, individualized care for 7-9 sisters in a single community by developing personal relationships with the sisters, knowing and understanding their stories, their wants and their needs. Companions function as a member of a self-directed work team and share all care and household responsibilities by performing a wide range of assistance including activities/ministry, meal planning and service, personal care, laundry care, light housekeeping and supporting meaningful life and engagement. Accompanies Sisters to the emergency department or hospital for evaluation, acting as a support person/advocate for the Sister.




  1. Understands, embraces, and appreciates the concept of person directed living in building

personal relationships with the sisters.

  1. Takes a creative and innovative approach to problem-solving. Is a continuous learner.
  2. Expresses encouragement and optimism. Builds self-esteem in others.
  3. Self-aware – knowledgeable of one’s values, personality, needs, habits, emotions,

strengths and weaknesses. Open to feedback.  Cares deeply about the people they serve, both sisters and staff.  Is personally flexible and adaptable in responding and meeting the needs of the sisters and working in service with other staff.

  1. Treats others as partners, encouraging their input and trusting them to carry out their



Essential Functions:


Person Directed Living

  1. Develops personal relationships with the sisters, understanding that relationship and process may come before “task.” Provides individualized care to each sister in her home based on the sister’s preferences.
  2. Develops a personal plan with each sister based on her needs and desires. Keeps the plan, co-workers, and clinical support team up to date daily through charting.
  3. Shares observations, concerns, questions, etc. about a sister’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs with the appropriate team member. Works collaboratively with the clinical support team.
  4. Actively participates as a member of the self-directed work team, responsible for dining needs, personal care, activities/ministry, light housekeeping, and self-scheduling. Willingly accepts and fulfills leader(ship) roles and responsibilities with each role.


  • Communication and Relationship Skills
  1. Demonstrates understanding of the effects of the aging process (including cognitive, vision and hearing changes) when speaking with the sisters. Removes distractions; lowers tone of voice; makes eye contact with the sister; speaks slowly and calmly; uses gestures when appropriate.
  2. Demonstrates effective listening skills. Listens to feelings, not just the words; maintains eye contact; attends to body language, voice and pitch, facial expressions.

3.      Encourages social interactions between sisters and between self and sisters. Initiates   

conversation between self and sisters and between sisters; uses prompts such as photos and mementos to encourage conversation.

  1. Demonstrates skills in avoiding or de-escalating conflict between sisters and between staff members. Speaks calmly and gently; does not confront, contradict or correct; listens and responds to the feelings.; distracts appropriately; knows when to ask for assistance.
  2. Identifies sisters’ skills and abilities and assists them in participating in activities to their fullest potential. Assists sisters in large and small group activities, initiates 1-1 activities with the sisters.
  3. Shares concerns, insights, new behaviors, problems, changes or any other items of concern or importance to the appropriate persons. Documents concerns, insights, new behaviors, problems, changes or any other items of concern or importance for the next shift in the appropriate fashion.
  4. Communicates with sisters, colleagues, Superior, supervisor, volunteers and guests in a friendly, respectful, and professional manner.
    • Personal Care
  5. Provides individualized care to each sister in her home based on the sister’s preferences.
  6. Encourages and assists sisters in performing personal routines such as toileting, oral care, bathing, combing hair and dressing. Pays attention to detail. Assures sisters are neat and clean, dressed appropriately, hair combed, teeth brushed, glasses cleaned and on, hearing aids in and turned on, etc.
  7. Accompanies sisters to medical appointments as requested. Passes appropriate information to the health care provider and relays relevant information from the health provider to the team.
  8. Maintains accurate health records (weights, temperatures, blood pressures, pulse, and respirations, as required). Does blood sugars as assigned.
  9. Frequently and routinely changes the position of sisters unable to move independently. Reports reddened areas or breakdowns of skin to the team.
  10. Assists sisters in safely ambulating and transferring, using appropriate equipment. Knows and follows proper techniques for lifting and transferring using proper body mechanics. Is alert to and follows all safety precautions.
    • Dining Services
  11. Serves and assists the sisters at mealtimes. Ensures menus are based on requests of sisters and sits with the sisters and encourages meaningful communication between the sisters.  Notes and documents changes in appetite and/or ability.
  1. Assures sisters have adequate fluids.  Serves drinks and/or snacks mid-morning, mid-afternoon and at bedtime or as requested
  2. Assists with taking inventory of, storing and ordering food supplies. 
  1. Regularly elicits sister’s direction in choices of foods, menus, recipes and presentation.
  2. Helps to prepare and serve appropriate snacks.
  3. Assists sisters who are unable to eat without support as appropriate. Dining assistance certification required.
    • Environment
  4. Maintains a clean and orderly environment in the sisters’ living space (including but not limited to their bedrooms, community rooms, dining areas and kitchenettes.) Makes beds as needed.
  5. Keeps neighborhood neat and orderly. Picks up and empties trash, stocks bathroom, cleans shower after use, keeps linen closets, supply closets and laundry room clean and orderly. Assists sisters in laundering personal clothing – does it for them if they are unable.
  6. Disposes of soiled linen and paper products promptly and according to procedure.
  7. Keeps equipment (walkers, canes, commodes, wheelchairs, electric carts) clean.
  8. Is knowledgeable and responsive in emergencies (fire, weather, power outages, etc.) and follows universal precautions.
    • Other
  9. Maintains confidentiality and supports the sisters’ worth and dignity.
  10. Answers the telephone courteously; gives thorough messages promptly.
  11. Maintains attendance and observes working hours, starting time, lunch period, breaks, quitting time, etc.
  12. Complies with work rules, regulations, and instructions, follows established systems and procedures, completes assignments with minimal supervision.
  13. Reports abuse or suspected abuse.
  14. Complies with CSC policies if driving a company vehicle.

Job Requirements:

  • Education
  • A High School diploma/GED required.
  • Experience
  • One (1) year of previous experience in providing personal care required. Prefer experience working with older adults in a home setting.
  • Working Environment
  • This job operates in a residential setting.  This role requires regular walking to various
  • locations around the convents. This role also routinely comes into contact with sisters
  • who may have contagious illnesses. 
  • Equipment Utilization
  • Work requires the ability to operate certain specialized equipment, such as the EZ lift and oxygen equipment.
  • Physical Demands
  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk and
  • This position is very active and requires standing, walking, bending, kneeling,
  • crouching, reaching, pushing, pulling, lifting, stooping, and grasping all day.   The
  • employee must frequently lift and/or move items over 20 pounds and occasionally exert
  • up to 50 pounds.
Skills/Keywords: Compassionate

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