Connecting Business to Education

Internship Programs: The Benefits

To your business:

  • Complete a project that keeps getting put aside (Examples:market research, website optimization, build/enhance social media presence, data analysis, research potential new products or services)
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce recruiting costs by training potential full-time employees and determining their “fit” with your culture and team
  • Provide the opportunity to create a “custom-made” future employee
  • Bring fresh, innovative perspectives to your organization
  • Offer management experience to employees who supervise interns
  • You can post opportunities that are accessible to students from any college or university on This site also offers free internship planning and management resources, as well as the opportunity to submit your position for EARN approval.


To the student:

  • Strengthen your resume
  • Build your network
  • Learn how your studies translate into a work environment
  • Discover strengths and interests that guide future course selection
  • Help you determine whether the career you’re considering is right (or wrong) for you
  • You may find your future employer


To our community:

  • Recruit or re-connect top young talent to businesses in our region
  • Introduce students to career, social and leadership opportunities available to them
  • Bring the energy and enthusiasm of the next generation of leaders
  • Encourage young people to network with others in the community


Contact Info

If you have any questions about internship programs and how to connect with interns, contact Director of Talent Engagement Kate Lee, 574.400.4030 or email



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Workforce Education

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 I will host high school counselors/teachers for job shadowing.
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