2020 Manufacturing Days

Industry & Education Partner


Virtual MFG DAYS will allow you to connect with more students than ever before! The event kicks off on MFG Day, Friday October 2, with an online welcome from local leaders, and offers multiple opportunities for businesses to engage with students through the month of October. Here are five ways to connect with your future workforce!

Industry ConnectED Video Library Submit existing or newly created video for online video library. The library will be promoted as part of the week and videos will be integrated into career discussions.
Business Chat Virtually “host” a 30-45 minute session that includes one or more components: a virtual tour; visual presentation/PowerPoint; and/or a panel of employees sharing what they do and how they got there. A good way to introduce the variety of positions within your business!
Industry Panel Share “what” you make on a 3-4 person panel, representing businesses supplying automotive, healthcare, solar, aerospace – you name it. Tell students how what is being built here shows up in their world.
Career Pathway Panel Panels will focus on specific high-demand careers, i.e. CNC operator, inspector, supply chain lead, with employees sharing how the skills they learned in the classroom and through work-based learning are applied. Education/training partners can share how/where students can pursue required certifications, degrees, etc.
Class Projects Work with educators to develop projects that can be integrated into the classroom or, potentially, completed by students at home!

The South Bend Regional Chamber will coordinate and moderate these experiences, with live, virtual MFG Days programming planned for October 21, 22, 27 & 28. If you would like additional information about these opportunities, please contact Alyson Herzig.

None of this is possible without YOUR participation! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with students (your future employees!) and share information on your business and the skills and education needed to join your team.