Momentum 2019 (Business Expo 2.0)


Tuesday, October 29 | 3:00-6:00 PM | Century Center


The region, led by business,  is on the move. More than ever, our region is making strides, working collaboratively and innovatively to make things happen in a positive way. We have Momentum. Let's celebrate and keep it going! Momentum (Business EXPO 2.0) is a regional gathering of business and innovation carrying our region forward. Exhibit to facilitate new business leads, connections and capture the Momentum!

Put your Momentum Moments and innovative products and services on display Tuesday, October 29, from 3:00-6:00 p.m. at the Century Center as the Chamber, with sponsor Centier Bank, presents Momentum 2019. You might describe it as EXPO 2.0, and it’s your opportunity to engage in catalytic conversations to make catalytic connections. This is not your standard Business Expo. This year the Convention Hall turns into a showcase of exhibitors with blocks of concentration to highlight various industries or business sectors. Discovery Ballroom will feature Chamber Brief Talks and the YPN Big Talk event.


What Makes You Unique? How are You Using Innovation? This isn’t your standard EXPO. This is EXPO 2.0—elevated and enhanced. When you exhibit, think outside the box on what you want to display that separates you from the rest of the pack! We’ll even have blocks of industry concentration, breakouts, YPN Big Talk & more!

Every business has a story. And every story has a Momentum Moment—the tipping point that launched a business into a new endeavor.

Someone quit their job to start their own business. That’s a Momentum Moment. A business added a new service that took sales across the $1M. That’s a Momentum Moment. A foundation came together to spark new ideas in a stale environment. That’s a Momentum Moment. A new innovative app was developed to streamline your customers' experience. That's a Momentum Moment. You get the idea.

So what’s your story? Tell us when registering for your booth(s). In addition, we want exhibiting and presenting businesses to bring a “Momentum Memento.” It’s a token that represents that big-shift moment. It could be a picture of the transition from an old office to a new facility, a brick from the foundation of the first building, a prototype of that life-changing product that escalated your sales. Maybe it’s a token of success. Maybe it’s a reminder of a “failure” that led to success down the road. Whatever it is, we want it to represent you. Your business. Your Momentum.

We can’t wait to watch people connect over these stories during Momentum 2019.

Reserve your booth today! Helpful Hint: when exhibiting, think outside the box and display something that makes you different/unique from your competitors. How are you using innovation and technology to evolve? What are your forward-thinking ideas, products and services.






NOTE: Convention Hall space is full. Added booths will be placed in the overflow area.

  • All booths are 10x10’. You may choose one or 2 booths (double booth)
  • Single Booth 10x10’ $550 (9.24 and after)
  • Double Booth 20x10' $1,075 (9.24 and after)
  • Electricity (120V/20 amps, one plug) $55

NOTE: Convention Hall space is full. Added booths will be placed in an overflow area.

Must be an actual restaurant/catering company and provide minimum 2oz. samplings during full duration of show. Must obtain a Temporary Health Permit from the St. Joseph County Health Department.

  • All booths are 10x10’. You may choose one or 2 booths
  • Single Booth 10x10’ $425 (9.24 and after)
  • Double Booth 20x10' $825 (9.24 and after)
  • Electricity (120V/20 amps, one plug) $55

  • Two 3’ Side draping
  • 8’ Back draping
  • 8’ Table (cloth skirting/plastic topper). Table Provided Upon Request
  • 2 Parking passes
  • Exhibitor packet
  • Promotional tips & resources
  • Momentum exhibitor listing


Payment must accompany booth registration. No refunds after September 23, 2019. Your booth location will be included in Exhibitor Packet.  At time of registration, tell us your Momentum Moment or what you will be exhibiting that is unique and innovative! Help us market you better.





Contact Manager, Programming & Communications, Briana Stiner, at 574.400.4024.













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