PPE Resources

The Chamber is building a list of local, regional, and state PPE resources to support you, your employees, and customers as we move forward, together.

We will continue to update the list as additional suppliers are identified. Please Email Shari Carroll to add resource information. Thank you.


Indiana PPE Marketplace

Items are currently free of charge to businesses registered to do business in the state of Indiana with the Indiana Secretary of State and employ up to 150 people.



Additional Items: Signage & Social Distancing Needs

Alphagraphics | Website

ARC | Website

Business Furnishings | Website

Olee Safety | Website
Sneeze guards, acrylic partitions and more


Hand Sanitizer

Indiana Whiskey Company | Website

Ironshoe Distillery | Website

Journeyman Distillery | Website

KSS Enterprises | Website {hand sanitizer, disinfectants, electrostatic sprayers}
Contact Grace Hernández, 269.377.2923 |

Quality Mill Supply | Website {bulk hand sanitizer, signage and more}
Contact Rusty Schlatter at | 260.241.1650

StatLab | Website

Unifirst | Hand Sanitizer


Face Masks/Coverings

Angel Wings |

ARC | Website | Mask Flyer
Contact Grant Hale for site surveys, safety signage and more in preparing your business

Valerie Detwiler | 574.250.6290
Masks with pockets for filters and ties rather than elastic

EmbroidMe | Download PDF
Triple layer face masks, 574.291.2800

June Hidde and Rebecca Halsey | Facebook
Masks with elastic behind the ears and pocket on inside for filter. Also call June at 574.344.9383

Indiana Rug Company
220 E. Mishawaka Ave., Mishawaka

Islamic Society of Michiana |
Speak to Stephanie Mirza

KSS Enterprises | Website
Surgical masks, KN95 masks, cloth masks, disposable masks, face shields, digital thermometers, non-surgical protective gowns, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, electrostatic sprayers

Masks by Lisa | Facebook
$10 per mask. Free to those 70 and older, nurses, doctors, EMTs, first responders

Purdue MEP COVID Critical PPE Portal | Manufacturing instructions and more
Purdue MEP offers this portal to assist in the supply chain needs of PPE

Sew Unique by Jackie | Website | Facebook
Offering cloth face masks

South Bend Seamstress | Website
Company is offering a complimentary mask to an essential worker for every face mask that is purchased

Thread and Coffee |
Contact Sara Cain

UniFirst | Website | Mask Flyer 
Disposable and reusable face masks

Washland Laundromat, Twin Branch, Mishawaka
Available at front desk for $5

Beth Weiss | 574.532.4739 (or Haley Lemons 574.850.3204)
Masks are $8 


Purdue MEP Resources

3DGs |  Jeremy Brilliant | 317.508.3928 | 
Hand sanitizer

Avid Labs | Joel Nichols | 260.402.3586 |
Face shields

Black Point Distribution | Mathew Konkler | 703.864.5670 | 
PPE equipment - masks, bootie covers, isolation gowns, etc.

Butterworth Industries | Frank Butterworth |  765.677.6725 | 
Gowns (Not FDA Approved)

Fleece Performance Engineering, Inc | Brayden Fleece |  317.403.5370 | 
Face shields, Parts for Ventilators, Parts for Positive Air Pressure Respirators

Global Consultants | Michael D Kendall | 812.839.3355 | 
PPE equipment - masks, bootie covers, isolation gowns, etc.

GoGoMeds | John Cai | 716.748.9283 | 
Oximeters, COVID-19 test kits

Guardian Machine Protection | Yan Wall | 260.450.4797 | 
KN95 masks, medical gowns, Isolations gowns, thermometers infra-red, latex gloves. Offer Preventive maintenance services for machines.

Hentz | Art Mandelbaum | 260.414.7603 | 
Isolation gowns, face shields, pleated masks, and Merv 6 Filtering Masks

Hopper Development Inc. | Jason Hopper | 574.870.5962 | 
Face shields

Jordan Manufacturing | Sean Wright | 574.583.6008 Ext. 3026 | 
Gowns (Not FDA Approved) and masks

Kem Krest | Lisa Hollman | | 
Hand sanitizer, disinfectant solution

La Porte Defense Technologies Corporation | Katrina Parrott | 832.654.7641 | 
KN95 masks, disposable masks, digital thermometers, thermometer probe covers, isolation gowns, hand sanitizer, N95 masks, Sanitizer bottles, Dish Soap

MSP Aviation | John Goode | 812.360.1313 | 
Face shields

Mursix Corporation | Susan Carlock | 317.371.3560 | 
Face shields 50,000/day MSP will be packaging 25 units/case and case prices should fall around $192/case (single case ordered) to $112/case (>100 cases ordered)

Neff Automation | Brian Stuerzenberger | 765.418.5142 | 
People guards. Ventilator solenoids. Machine builder resource.

Nexvoo, Inc. | Sean Gallas | 219.861.3460 | 
PPE equipment - masks, bootie covers, isolation gowns, etc.

Nisco | Francesca Holstine | 734.333.9946 |  
Isolation gowns (not FDA Approved)

Owings Patterns | Johnny Pace | 812.820.8651 | 
Face shields

Primex Design & Fabrication | Doug Borgsdorf | 800.935.2990 | 
Face shields and air shields, plastic dividers (or protective barriers), PAPR hoods

ProEdge, Inc. | Bert Bell | 219.742.4249 | 
Hand sanitizer

RJ Hanlon Company, Inc. | Christopher Kosovich | 317.727.1031 | 
General dry tub wipes (add sanitizer solution to them to make wet wipes). Smocks, shoe covers, suits.

Wabash National | Clarissa Haggard | 765.775.6239 | 
Face shields


Multiple PPE Needs (Masks, Sanitizer, Gloves, Cleaning Agents)

1 800 Water | Website
Sanitizing and cleaning services

Cintas | Website
On-site deep cleaning and sanitizing spray services. Contact Jessica Orange at 440.935.0325

First Response | Website
Sanitizing, cleaning and disinfecting services

RiverBend Apparel and Promotions, Mishawaka
Contact Rich Chialastri at 609.226.6024