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Five Ways to Stay Active at Your Desk Job

Posted by: YPN South Bend on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

If you’re like most people who made a resolution in January, you likely had some goal to be a bit healthier this year. And if you’re like most people who had some goal to be healthier this year, you’ve likely slowed down on achieving that goal at this point.

After the initial excitement of your New Year’s resolution wears off and your cheat day spirals into a cheat week, it’s tempting to throw out your 2018 hopes and dreams and jump right back into your 2017 routine. But spring is just around the corner and there are so many easy ways to shake off the winter slump—even at your desk job.

Try Some Desk Exercises

One of the more obvious solutions to a lack of physical activity during the workday is to simply bring the activity into your office. The internet is full of a million different ways to incorporate your desk into your workout routine. Push-ups and tricep dips can both be done using the edge of your desk.

Try Walk and Talk Meetings

Stuffy conference room meetings don’t have to be the norm anymore. When you’re meeting with colleagues why not take a note from Aaron Sorkin’s book and make like the folks on The West Wing by walking laps with your instead. The increased activity will get your creative juices flowing and your coworkers will be more motivated to keep the meeting from dragging on.

Try Desk Stretches

If you’re not quite ready to take your desk routine into full-on exercise mode, stretching can often do the trick in giving your body a little pick-me-up in the middle of your workday. Stretching at your desk can reduce stress and increase productivity. Try a seated spinal twist or a few quick neck rolls – both can release tensions you’re holding in your spine and shoulders.

Try a Standing Desk

If you haven’t heard, sitting is killing us all — or at least it’s increasing the risk of several conditions like increased blood pressure, high blood sugar and excess body fat. Try standing for longer increments of time throughout your day. You’ll burn more calories, and you might see a spike in your energy levels throughout the day. Don’t have a standing desk? Try a tall counter or create a makeshift one using a stack of sturdy books.

Get Active on Your Lunch Break

It might be too cold to take a walk around the park on your lunch break, but there are plenty of other effortless ways to take advantage of the free time. Try parking further away when you pick up your takeout, or do a lap or two around the office while you eat.



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