Legislative Affairs Council

The Legislative Affairs Council's mission is to review, debate and make recommendations to the Chamber’s board and executive committee on governmental or public policy issues that affect the economic growth of the region. The council looks at local, regional, state and federal issues.

Chair: John Leszczynski, The Troyer Group, Inc.


Political Evaluation Committee

The SJC Chamber’s Political Evaluation Committee is comprised of a bipartisan group of business leaders who convene, when called upon, to execute the evaluation process of political candidates for endorsement consideration by SJC ChamberPAC, the Chamber’s Political Action Committee. 

The established evaluation process is like that of a job interview where candidates first apply and then go through a series of interviews to be “hired,” or in this case, endorsed. 

For the endorsement process, three key components are included: the completion of a candidate questionnaire, an interview with members of the Political Evaluation Committee and participation at public candidate forums. Upon candidates’ completion of this process, the Political Evaluation Committee makes their endorsement recommendations to SJC ChamberPAC.