2020 State Legislative Priorities


Economic Development

  • Support Governor Holcomb’s recommendation related to the allocation of additional funding toward improvements to the US 31 corridor to eliminate the remaining stoplights and railroad crossings
  • Support empowering local communities in regions across Indiana to come together to create regional management authorities to boost quality of place funding throughout the state. A regional authority formed by municipalities and counties should be given flexibility for raising and deploying funds so long as it does so pursuant to a certified plan meant to attract and retain talent, contemplates a holistic approach to improving its region and appeals to public and private investment.
  • Support policies, including incentives, that encourage communities and businesses to work collectively to increase the net in-migration of out-of-state residents with postsecondary credentials to support Indiana’s current and future workforce.


Education | Workforce Development

  • Support strengthening Indiana’s high school accountability system to provide greater transparency and comparability for parents and more meaningful outcomes for students, including academic proficiency and completion of postsecondary credentials valued by the business community.
  • Support requiring Indiana high school seniors to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – with an opt-out option – to ensure that more Hoosier students have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials and degrees with reduced or no debt. Indiana currently lags behind its Midwestern peers in FAFSA filings, ranking 34th among all states. Louisiana, the first among several states to establish a high school FAFSA requirement, now leads the nation in FAFSA completion.
  • Support further evaluation of the state’s various education and workforce programs, with input from the business community and a priority placed on training for the current job market. Such a process would result in more Hoosiers being educated, trained and employed in higher-wage, in-demand jobs.



  • Support fundamental and transformational changes to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s implementation and administration of Indiana’s Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) funds to pay for the cleanup of leaking underground storage tanks. These changes are needed to protect the longevity of the ELTF.


Local Government

  • Support meaningful local government modernization efforts.


Taxation | Public Finance

Support maintaining and enhancing our attractive tax climate. Business personal property continues to be the tax area in which Indiana stands out most negatively. We need to find a way to reduce what is among the largest overall business property tax burdens of any state – and do so without harming our overall attractive tax structure.


Technology | Innovation

  • Support making technology innovation an integral part of the state’s identity. Indiana is fostering an impressive entrepreneurial spirit and becoming a technology hub in the Midwest. We need to better support our technology successes and build on them. What’s more, our technology efforts now provide tremendous support to three of the state’s main industries: agriculture, logistics and manufacturing.